Anthropophonia is like slipping into an altered, dream-like state. Their sound and words transcend a particular style or era, so you are left floating in the realm of wonder. Be adventurous and try them out--you won't regret it! A wonderful experience for all ages and tastes.
This is music you can breathe to.

The concert was relaxing, stimulating, whimsical and DEEP! The musicians put their heart and soul into the whole performance which made our audience gratefully inspired.

For me, it was a deeply moving experience. Very angelic. Being there gave me a moment to stop and feel within myself and my connection to the spiritual world, something I don't make time for enough!

Absolutely brilliant. To watch them create layered complex beautiful music, I felt a bit of mind expansion going on. Bravo, dear brothers and sisters, and thank you.
Deeply moving, remarkably zany and fun, sweet and playful energy imbued with mystical depths.

Lovely, humorous, and mystical music.

A delightful musical offering from the heart, containing original melodies, fine musicianship, lovely vocals, and soothing tunes.  I look forward to the next concert!

I was completely transported by this music!

For the most part, when we think of music we generally think to be entertained, even with the Great classics. On rare occasion, as was the case, when I heard Anthropophonia, they offered something besides great entertainment, they also presented us with a few pieces of truly Sacred Music. That part of the program was inspired from the greater Spirit.

A stirring, moving, flow of sound that weaves it way into your heart and invokes a smile from the inside out.

What a dynamic group! These are immense talents making beautiful, timeless original music!

I loved it because it was a unique blend of world music performed by unbelievable artists. It allowed my mind to get lost in the music and put the rest of the "stuff" on hold for a while.

I'll do my best to describe what I was experiencing while exposed to those Anthropophonic sounds. Physically, there was a light tingling throughout my skin, only perceptible when my breaths were still. I felt lighter, as if small chunks of weight were being removed progressively during each song. The tears wanted to come out and began flowing with ease once I surrendered and embraced the experience, and with every exhale of a deep drawn breath the dense weight left me as if it were nothing more than mist or smoke. Words that come to mind are medicinal, healing, resonant, jewel toned, inspirational, love-light, wall breaking, ground shaking, centering, focusing, soul resonant, spiritually invigorating, rejuvenating, like drinking spirit water, soul food. I think Anthropophonia is a name that is plainly true; it is "human sound," but if there is one word that I would choose to describe the experience it would be Love in it's purest form and sense. So, I would call the experience "Agapephonia."
My friend Silvia and I so enjoyed the Anthropophonia concert yesterday and I just could not get enough of your beautiful voices. It's not easy to describe this concert in words but I found it very soulful, peaceful and relaxing and enjoyable to listen to. The whole band conveyed such a lovely, kind and relaxing atmosphere and the large variety of instruments, musical talent and positive group dynamic made it a very enjoyable evening. You all complement each other very well. Congratulations to all of you! It was a beautiful concert!

I just returned home from two hours of an inspiring, awesome, beautiful musical event. Was it at the Mondavi Center or downtown at the Convention Center? No, but it could have been. It was in our little assembly room at Live Oak Waldorf School with about forty people in the audience. Forty people I could have hugged, because I felt so moved by the experience. Individual musical geniuses in their own right, the members of Anthropophonia offered a one-of-a-kind evening since it was 80% improvisation. I want to thank Cale, Beth, Kaden, Jeff, and Doug for sharing their gifts.

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